Outdoor Corporate Headshots

One thing I really love, aside from cuddling newborns of course, is helping small business owners market their identity, and update their corporate profiles! I love seeing refreshed websites full of our beautiful corporate headshot photographs, and I equally love the confidence on my client’s faces when they’re really, truly happy with their fresh photographs.

Our Corporate Headshots include 6 different photographs, both in High Resolution Digital Image for printing/marketing and use in flyers, etc, for your business. We also include Low Resolution images, sized separately for each of your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… if you’ve got the social media account, we’ll make sure we size each of your images to suit, so they’re perfect for you to use.

Here’s gorgeous Natalie, our client who was after some fresh, beautiful photographs to compliment her nutrition and health coaching business, Wellness Within Health Coaching. Thankyou Natalie! x

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Grandparents photos Brisbane

Sweet little Lachlan bought his lovely and adoring Grandparents to his session! It was so lovely to hang out with this beautiful extended family, and provide them with some photographs of their Grandson, before they flew back overseas.

I just couldn’t resist photographing Lachlan in his Grandad’s hands. The difference in these young men’s hands are amazing…. Steady, wrinkled hands that have taught, learnt, laboured, and loved…. and immaculate, little perfect hands that have yet to touch the grass, squish mud pies, and choose to hold the hand of a friend.

Thankyou Lachlan, you are just perfect. x