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As we grow older, raise our families, change jobs, get promotions and take on more responsibilities, it can be easy to forget to prioritise the person in front of us – our partner and lifelong friend, and take time for a couples photography session in Brisbane.

I mean seriously.

When was the last time you and your partner were photographed together? 

And I don’t mean a selfie over coffee. I mean taking the time to just be together, and celebrate your relationship.

Just the two of you. No kids, no dog, just you guys.

(Ok I mean yes, you can bring your dog. I love dogs!).

It’s important to capture who you are, together. Because if not now, when?

couple on the beach kissing
couple hugging on the beach
couple hugging on the beach at sunset

prioritising your relationship

We all have busy schedules.

I mean, that’s a thing, right? 

It’s a conversation-starter.

How was your day? “Ohhh, busy”.

How bout we change that to – “ohh, amazing! We had the most fabulous couples photography session at the beach. It was so good to just take a few minutes to be together”.

Can we do that?

It can be challenging to find the time as a couple, around work, kids and social stuff, let alone schedule a couples photography session – but it’s important to remember that taking the time to invest in your relationship is just as important as any other commitment.

true laughs, not awkward hugs

Are you camera-shy?


Some adults may feel that taking photos is not important or necessary, especially if they don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. However, photos serve as a tangible reminder of the memories and experiences we share with our loved ones.

Don’t avoid the camera if you’re self-conscious. This is where I come in, to pose you beautifully, and capture the very best YOU.

I’m here to allow you the moments to have FUN together. 

Capture some love, some silliness and giggles, some crazy fun and maybe a little bit of kiss-kiss. Just a little. Whatever makes you guys, YOU.

married couple on the beach at sunset

invest in your relationship

couple walking down a country path

Is it worth it?

Well, I’ll leave that up to you and the important you place on your relationship.

My hubby and I have been married for 20 years this year… yep, 20!

And yes, with 3 young kids, prioritising ourselves as a couple is darn near freaking impossible. With gymnastics, ninja, music lessons and school activities, we absolutely have to book date nights into the calendar, or it just.doesn’t.happen.

So guess what! 

We’ve booked an overseas trip for our anniversary – just the two of us! And we can’t freaking wait. 

We’re spending time and money on us, because we deserve it. 

no cheeses here!

There’s nothing cheesy at our couples photography session, I promise.

Just fun, candid, authentic moments, exploring the world together, at your couples photography session in and around Brisbane.

This is your chance to create beautiful images that showcase your unique connection and tell your love story.

I know you have your own story together – let’s find that special thing that makes you great together, and capture the love you have for each other.

still want to include the kids?

Ok, I get it – you want a beautiful couples session, but you’re worried about spending money/time/etc on you guys, and forgetting the kids…

It’s ok! We can photograph a Family Portrait session, but I’m not going to forget you guys!

If you still want a beautiful photo session with the kids, let’s do that too – I will ALWAYS make sure I grab photos of the parents together, just the way it was before the kids came along.

Because YOU guys matter. 

Let’s make the time, and photograph you both as a couple, and then with the beautiful family you created.

couples photography brisbane

So if you’re after a sign to spend time on YOU guys, enjoying a beautiful couples photography session in Brisbane – here it is!

Put your details below, and let’s chat about how to spend time TOGETHER.

I mean, you, your partner, and me – the weird third leg, haha!

But I promise I won’t hang around for hours – just long enough to photograph you gorgeous couple, and give you a bottle of something to celebrate.

Bubbles? Coldpress coffee? Whatever you love. Drinks are on me.

Let’s do this. x

couple together with their dog at sunset