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Cleaning your Baby’s Nursery… A How-To Guide

If there’s one thing we’re all worried about in this season, it’s cleaning your baby’s nursery, and just how to tackle the mammoth job and keep our precious little ones safe!

Covid19 has reinforced the fact that sanitiser and constant cleaning is SO important for us, our babies and family, and the people around us. I’m a Mum to three kids, aged 4, 7 and 9 years old… I’ve had my fair share of cleaning germy nurseries, wiping noses and disinfecting toys to write a book about it… but let’s get the facts, and have a look at our top tips for cleaning your baby’s nursery with one of my best friends… DETTOL! haha.

Cleaning your baby’s nursery : Have a Cleaning Station 

Dettol suggests keeping a “cleaning station”… what a great idea! 

Keep your general cleaning supplies up high and out of baby’s room for safety! But in the nursery, Dettol suggests to keep handy items such as nappy wipes, disinfectant wipes and hand sprays.
Find a secure place in a high cupboard out of reach for these items, but close enough that you can grab them to wipe down handles and spray into nappy bins. Don’t forget, sanitising wipes are perfect for wiping over light switches, cupboard doors, cot edges, lamps, change tables, and other hard surfaces in baby’s nursery.

If your baby is crawling, get down low on your hands and knees and see what’s around for them to touch.. and wipe it alllll down regularly!

Cleaning your baby’s nursery: Clean new furniture 

If you’re preparing for your first baby, make sure your baby furniture is wiped down prior to use – you don’t know where your cot or change table was packed, how long it was in storage, what country it came from, or especially if it’s second-hand… wash it all down first, and wipe with sanitiser prior to baby’s arrival.

Cleaning your baby’s nursery: Sanitise baby toys

Personally, I hate seeing mounds of stuffed baby toys around my home… I’m the first to get rid of them! But for those precious toys my kids love, as long as there’s no batteries or remote operations inside them, I make sure to sanitise them in the washing machine. Make sure you read the label first, you don’t want your baby’s precious teddies shrunk to the size of little dolls!

Dettol suggests popping a tennis ball in the dryer with your stuffed toys.. 

Cleaning your baby’s nursery: Use the dishwasher!

Many of our baby toys are in fact, dishwasher-friendly! Yasss, Mumma’s! Isn’t that the best news you’ve read all day. 

Small plastic toys that don’t contain batteries, may be able to go in the dishwasher. Not rubber – just plastic! Think along the lines of plastic cups/plates… some plastic toys can also withstand dishwasher heat, so throw them into the cutlery holder in the next wash!

Cleaning your baby’s nursery: Check your curtains and Window sills

Have you checked the curtains in your baby’s nursery? Maybe, you’d wish you didn’t… those things can be absolutely full of dust, germs and worse, mould.

I recently had our roller blinds cleaned with Amazing Clean – ultrasonic cleaning, same-day service, so good! They come and quote, remove them, clean them, and then re-install back in the afternoon. It’s a no-brainer for attacking mould on the back of curtains. Don’t even attempt it yourself, get it straight to the experts, and keep yourself and your baby safe.

Cleaning your baby’s nursery: For Visitors and family

There’s definitely something we ALL need to do, to keep your baby’s nursery clean… wash our hands before we enter, and leave our shoes outside. Those things track muck and gunk from everywhere, so ditch the sandals and work shoes in the garage. You don’t want any of that on the carpet where your baby is crawling – and when your carpet DOES get grubby and stained, give Sundry a call to come and clean it. Definitely recommend, after 3 kids, a dog and a busy house – they have done wonders for our carpets and couches!

Wash your hands before entering baby’s nursery and picking up baby. Wash them again, all the time… ! After nursing baby, after cleaning baby’s nappy and touching the nappy bin, before feeding baby, etc… there’s just so many things we touch during the day, it’s so important to keep our hands clean with hot water and soap, and sanitiser. 

Keep multiple visitors out of baby’s nursery if possible.. the less people in there, the better. Baby’s nursery should be comforting, neutral and clean, so leave extra hands, shoes and germs at the door, and never be afraid to turn visitors or family around if they’re sick. NEVER. Your baby comes before family’s need for cuddles, so send them away and keep your family safe.


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