Newborn Aboriginal Baby

When I knew gorgeous little Baby L was heading in for her photo session, I immediately started planning in my head what we could do to make it amazing! Like every session, I toss up ideas and colours, thoughts and sketches… but it wasn’t until 5 minutes before she walked in the door that I found the perfect colours. I wanted the beautiful rich red and yellows of the Aboriginal flag to feature in her session…. and when they did, it was *perfect*. Simple and gorgeous. And those eyes….. !

Baby L, you are *beautiful*.

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Breastfeeding photo session

I met this gorgeous young family when their little guy was a newborn! When his pretty Mumma asked me 6 months later for a Breastfeeding photography session, I was just so excited. I was a breastfeeding Mumma too, when my boys were young, and I wish I had a photo session like this!

Not everyone wants to document breastfeeding. It’s not always easy in society, but it’s normal. It’s natural. Feeding your baby, however you feed them, whoever feeds them, is normal.

Breastfeeding is hard work. Bottle feeding is hard work. Having a newborn is hard work! For a breastfeeding Mumma, to hand over your body to your infant, for days, weeks, months, even years – it’s gruelling. It’s exhausting. It’s amazing. It’s the best thing ever. It can be horrid. It can be painful and nasty and defeating. It could be the most perfect thing you’ve ever done, and yet it can feel like a sheer battle at times. I struggled too, with my first, for weeks on end, trying to get it right. It didn’t come naturally. It wasn’t fun. There was a time I said to my husband, “just feed him orange juice! I don’t care!”…. (But I did care. It just wasn’t easy).

To persist with something, to give your body to someone, and to nourish your baby, all by yourself – I’d be pretty damn proud of me, too.

Bottle feeding or breast feeding – you’re feeding your baby. YOU. Your baby relies on you. So pat yourself on the back. Stop putting yourself down. Guys – support your woman in her choices. Girls – support your men when they bottle feed your baby. We’re all in it together.

Don’t lose yourself in the day to day struggles, in your ideals, in his choices, in your baby’s needs, for this too, shall pass.

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(PS. I usually tell a story of my amazing clients and their photography session… but thisone you might not believe. It has something to do with a rainy, stormy afternoon. A horse paddock in the middle of nowhere. A party with amazing colourful floodlights, with very loud slow dancing music, in a horse paddock,  in the middle of nowhere. A gorgeous little boy with long lashes. A beautiful new family of 3 (plus Ella-dog). A breastfeeding Mumma. A sleeping baby. A Photographer (me) with a sleeping baby in her arms while Mum and Dad dance in light rain, in a horse paddock in the middle of nowhere, in the dark. And a little bit of “them” time, when they realised they were also him+her, not just mum+dad).

The rest is not history. The rest is memories xoxo

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Newborn Triplets – Samuel, Aiden & Xavier



*Newborn Triplets*

There are some defining moments in your life, that make you just go “ahhhh”, life is awesome.

I am so very privileged to have met hundreds of amazing families, and their precious little newborn babies, over the last few years as a Newborn Photographer. Each time babies come into my studio I am amazed again at how perfect they are, how their little toes are so perfectly formed, their eyelashes and fingernails and little baby ears are just…. perfect.

When these gorgeous newborn triplet boys arrived at my studio I somewhat stopped in my tracks, and thought “oh-my-gosh” there are 3 perfect little newborn boys here!! This is crazy!! Once we got started I realised just how “together” the 3 of them were. When one startled, they all startled. They all squeaked together, and they all settled together. Life is amazing. I was SO excited to photograph them and their amazing parents, and we just had a blast giving them cuddles, staring at them intently to work out who was who, and trying to remember their names 🙂

I am hooked on multiples!! Triplets are amazing. Twins are amazing. Singletons are amazing. I.LOVE.MY.JOB.

Thankyou clients, for trusting me with your precious babies. xoxo



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Be in Blossom $1,500 Photographic Wall Art WINNER!

Be in Blossom girls….. are you ready!!

Our team at The Newborn Studio are SO excited to partner up with Be in Blossom, to reward all their lovely Mummies, just in time for Mother’s Day!

We are thrilled to be able to gift $400 Luxury Gift Certificates to each Be in Blossom Mummy this week!


Your $400 Luxury Gift Certificate includes:

– Planning Consultation

– Photographic Experience

– Design Appointment with a Cinematic Presentation of your photographs…. and

– $300 to put towards beautiful Wall Art


You can choose from a gorgeous Pregnancy session, Newborn session, or Baby/Child session – it’s up to you! And of course, your family is included in the session too!

We can’t wait to meet you, and we’ll be on the phone to you in the next week or two for a chat, to find out more about your family and your children (or impending newborn!), and to book in your Photographic Experience.


Here’s the Luxury Gift Certificate that you would have picked up at classes this week…..

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And because it’s Mother’s Day weekend…. we have a little something EXTRA to give away too 🙂

We have ALSO decided to reward one of these names – with an incredible $1,500 of beautiful WALL ART! Oh yes – $1,500!!! (wouldn’t that be nice) 🙂


SOOOO…… shall we draw a WINNER?

(so many names!)

baby photographer brisbane northside

Here we go…..

I enlisted the help of my 4 year old (dressed in his pyjamas!) to draw out a name…….

And this is who he chose!

brisbane baby photos


Yippee!! We are so excited to meet you Margie, and help design $1,500 worth of beautiful Wall Art pieces for your home. We will be in touch with you next week to congratulate you, and book in your session.

Oh – and check the front door on Mother’s Day – a little something extra is headed your way 🙂

We can’t wait to meet everyone, and of course your little newborns! Expect to receive a phone call from us within the next 2 weeks, to organise your photographic experience.


Claire x