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your brisbane photographer membership!

Welcome to The Newborn Studio’s annual Membership plan, with Award-winning Brisbane Photographer Claire Pinder.

Brisbane family being photographed on the grass

Do you LOVE photos?

Would you love regular, yearly photography sessions of your beautiful family?

Are you looking for an easier way to pay leading up to your photography sessions?

Do you want priority access, discounted sessions and more?

Step on in, this is for YOU!

Brisbane family photographed at sunset


Receive two photography sessions by Award-winning Brisbane Photographer, and more!
PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP is for our photo-loving families who want all the inclusions and heaps of perks! 
  1. Enjoy a Newborn OR Family Portrait session, AND a Christmas mini!
  2. Receive a $495 Gift Voucher to give to a friend!
  3. Upgraded Digital Images with both sessions! 
  4. Get ready to upgrade your Wall Art, with 20% off frames and acrylics. And of course, book further sessions for $200 off each one!

$195 per month, or $2340 in total.

WHITE MEMBERSHIP is perfect for families who want 2 beautiful photo sessions, with simple monthly payments.

Enjoy a Newborn OR Family Portrait session, AND a Christmas mini, with 20 Digital Images at each, and 20% off Wall Art to add some beautiful photos to your home.

$145 per month, or $1740 in total.

how does the membership work?

By joining our annual Membership plan with your local Brisbane Photographer, you’re securing 2 photography sessions in advance over the next 12 months, receiving priority access, and nabbing perks, all with an easy monthly payment, at a discounted rate!

Membership plans run for 12 months and are flexible, so you can start your annual plan whenever you like throughout the year.

You have until 15 months to hold your Family Portrait session.

Your Membership payments are designed to be deducted monthly, up until your session date, when payments are due in full. If you’re booking a session before the 12 months is up, your payment will be due at your session date.

There are no hidden ongoing programs here. Pricing and inclusions may change, so simply finish your 12 months, enjoy the perks, and sign up again.


Your Annual Membership total is due by your Family/Newborn session date, or 12 months, whichever is first.

You can control your payment schedule.

1. Pay monthly for 12 months, and schedule your session between 12-15 months once fully paid.
2. Schedule your session before 12 months, and condense your payments to suit.
3. Pay upfront in full for the same benefits.

Full payment is due by your Family/Newborn session date.

You will still receive your Christmas 2024 session after payments have been made.

brisbane photographer membership

Simply choose your Membership option through Stripe, a secure gateway to purchase your subscription. Once subscribed, you can cancel at any time, change cards, or update details. Your payments are stored safely with Stripe.

Read the FAQ’s below first.
There is a one month “cooling off”, so if you join for one month and it’s not for you, we’ll refund your first month only.


Brisbane family photographer studio
Brisbane baby photographer studio
Brisbane family outdoors being photographed


read more about our photography sessions


Newborn photography sessions are held in our North Brisbane photography studio, and take place when baby is usually around 2-3 weeks old.

If you’re expecting a newborn in 2024, join our Membership, and you’ve locked in your Newborn session!

Our closest hospitals are Redcliffe, North West and Caboolture. If you’re birthing here, our studio is within 20 minutes!

All we need is a due date to get started.

Read more about our Newborn sessions HERE!

Our Family photography sessions are held around the North side of Brisbane, Bribie Island, Griffin and North Lakes – or in a special place your family loves!

Simply choose from our available dates, and let’s start planning your Brisbane family photography session for 2024.

Read more about our Brisbane Family Photography sessions HERE.

Brisbane photographer session family at the beach
Brisbane Christmas photographer

brisbane Christmas photos

Yes, your Brisbane Photographer Membership includes a beautiful Christmas session, too!

If you haven’t joined us in recent years for Christmas, jump into our Facebook group and see what the fuss is all about!

We have 70-80 families visiting us around Christmas time for their beautiful festive photo session. It’s an annual event, and I love seeing our Christmas families back, again and again!

Your Christmas session is included in your Brisbane Photographer Membership, so grab your fave membership plan, and we’ll see you at Christmas!

Just need to decide on a setup for 2024…. I wonder if it will be as epic as our Kmart Gingerbread Cubby hack from 2022!

See you at Christmas! 


Once you’ve joined The Newborn Studio’s Membership, we’ll have a little celebration and dance, and then we’ll be in touch to chat about your Brisbane photography sessions!

You’ll receive priority bookings for Christmas, to choose your date before bookings go live.

And we’ll schedule your Family Portrait or Newborn session within the next 15 months, yay!

We’ll also have a chat about your chosen deductions, and make sure you understand the monthly payments, and answer any questions you have. You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out for your photography session, and a contract so we both understand our obligations.

I can’t wait to have you on board our Membership! x


Please get in touch with me if your question is not answered below.

Is it cheaper to pay monthly or upfront?
It’s the same price! Just depends what you’d like to do. You’re receiving a discounted price, monthly or annually.
If you’d like to take advantage of the Membership and pay now, go for it!

Why join a Membership? Is it cheaper?
YES! You’re saving over $700 by joining our Platinum Membership! Both Memberships give extra perks, discounts and priority that a normal booking otherwise wouldn’t have.

When are my payments due?
One calendar month from your first payment date.

I’m unsure if my payment went through.
We’re working on an auto-receipt. In the meantime, you’ll see the confirmation page after checkout, and we’ll send you an email within 24 hours.

What if I just book a regular session and not a Membership?
That’s fine too! You just won’t get the perks, discounts, etc offered.

I joined and realised it’s not for me.
That’s ok – if you join and cancel within the 1st month, before your 2nd payment is deducted, we’ll stop your deductions and refund your first payment.  All payments made after the first month are non-refundable if you cancel.

I want to cancel my Membership.
That’s ok – we won’t hold you to something you don’t want to be in.
Your pre-payments are not refundable however we will issue you a Gift Voucher equal to the amount already paid, to use at another photography session within 12 months. Discounts and inclusions will NOT be included in the Gift Voucher if you cancel the Membership. For example, if you cancel at 4 months ($195/month x 4), you will receive a Gift Voucher for $780 to use within 12 months. Your Christmas booking will be cancelled. You will need to book a new session to redeem your Gift Voucher. If the Gift Voucher does not cover the session or products, you will be invoiced the difference.
You can cancel your payments at any time by logging into your payment gateway, once set up.

How are my payments deducted?
Payments are set up by yourself when you choose your membership option. You’ll be directed to Stripe, a secure online payment gateway, to hold your credit card details, and automatically deduct your payment every month. You can change cards or cancel at any time.

I can’t afford it this month / can I pay half?
We ask that your full payment is ready and available in your account every month. After one month of non-payment we will pause your Membership until you get in touch with us. Fees may be added to your next deduction for repeated non-payments.

Can I pause my Membership?
Yes, we will allow paused Memberships for 3 months only, if you contact us in writing/email. After that, your Membership will be cancelled and you will be issued with a Gift Voucher for the paid amount.

Can I pause the Membership more than once?
No sorry. We allow one pause if you are in financial stress, for up to 3 months. If you need to stop again, your Membership will be cancelled. We don’t want to string out your payments over years.

If I cancel, will my Gift Voucher cover another session?
This depends on the amount on your Gift Certificate, and current pricing, when you choose to redeem your Gift Certificate.

What happens if I cancel?
If you cancel within your first month, you will receive a refund of your first month.
After your 2nd payment has been made and you cancel, you will receive a Gift Voucher to your paid amount to use at another session.
If you cancel the Membership, you forfeit all inclusions.

Where are the photo sessions held?
I’m a Brisbane Photographer, so your sessions are held in Brisbane.
Newborn sessions – at our home studio in Murrumba Downs.
Family Portraits – around Brisbane, Bribie Island, North Lakes area.

Can I pay fortnightly instead?
Yes, please contact us to alter your payment schedule.

We want to join the Membership for a Newborn session but we’re not pregnant yet.
How exciting! I’d encourage you to join the Membership as anything can happen in the next few months. If your baby hasn’t arrived within 12 months, you will receive a Gift Voucher for your full payments made, to keep for a further 12 months and use when your baby arrives. Please keep in mind that pricing will change in 2025.

Can the Photographer cancel our Membership?
The Photographer will cancel your Membership without refund if you breach your signed contract or payments are not made, or for another reason that breaches the contract, at the Photographer’s discretion.
Your Membership will be cancelled if you need to pause payments more than once.

I already have a photography session booked in 2024. Can I swap to this?
Yes! If you’ve booked a full Family Portrait or Newborn session for 2024, we can start your Membership and credit your Session fee already paid. Contact me before booking.

I don’t want a Christmas session, can I swap or get a refund? What if I don’t like the set / can’t attend / going away etc?
The Christmas session cannot be swapped as there’s no other mini sessions of the same value. If you choose not to use this, you can give it to a friend. You will not be refunded or reimbursed.

How many Digital Images do we receive?
– All your faves (approx 40-50) for your Family/Newborn
– 20-25 at Christmas
– 20 Family/Newborn
– 20 Christmas

What does $200 off further Full Photography sessions mean?
If you’d like to book another full session this year (ie Maternity or Newborn), take $200 off your Newborn package. This only applies to Maternity, Newborn, Family/Couples, Cake Smash or Baby sessions. Does not apply to Corporate Headshots, Mini sessions, Christmas, or Simply Babies sessions, or other sessions listed.

Can I book a Cake Smash instead?
No sorry, as Cake Smash pricing is different. However, you could take $200 off a Cake Smash by joining the Membership!

Can we start a 12 month plan and have our photo session in 7 months?
Yes, you just need to choose your payment option to suit you:
1. Pay in full upfront
2. Change your monthly payments higher to be equal
3. Pay monthly until your session date then be invoiced the remaining amount
You will still receive your 2024 Christmas session and membership inclusions for your remaining months if you wish to book another session within the time frame.

How is our last payment made?
This depends on your payment schedule.

Can we put the last payment on Afterpay? 
YES! No problems. Afterpay gives you an extra 6 weeks to pay off your remaining payment. Just ask me for a payment link.

Can we have our Family session and pay for it later?
No, full payment is due before your Family session, because that’s when you’ll receive the most benefits – Digital Images, etc. Your Christmas session will be held in 2024, unless your membership starts in 2025.

What happens if our Full session and Christmas are done in 6 months and paid for? Do we start again?
Nope! Your payments will have been made in full. Enjoy the inclusions for the remaining 6 months, and sign up again at the end. 

Can we change the payment schedule to be paid off in full over a shorter time?
YES! Chat with me first, before signing up. We can equal your monthly payments, or you can pay upfront. Your choice.

Are there fees or charges on the Membership?
No fees for regular monthly payments that are deducted on time.
There may be additional charges passed on from Stripe on your monthly deduction for non-payments or failed transactions.

Can I buy other products after my session?
Yes, of course! All products and prints are available to purchase. 

What happens if The Newborn Studio closes down?
I hope that won’t happen, and I have absolutely NO desire to close, anytime soon! If The Newborn Studio closes, or an unforeseen event means our business is closed, not in operation, on hold, or myself as the Photographer am not able to continue working due to any reason, and you are part-way through your Membership plan, your payments will cease. You will have the option of your pre-payments being refunded to you, or receiving a Gift Voucher to use as credit for a photography session at the Photographer’s discretion, pending the nature of the shut-down.
If the Photographer is sick on the day of your session, we’ll either reschedule to a mutually convenient time, or have another Photographer step in.

Can I use the Membership with any other offer?
No sorry. The Membership inclusions are not able to be used with any other offer, including Black Friday or other discounted sessions or specials offered throughout the year.

We want to pay monthly for 12 months so it’s paid off first.
That’s great! You have a full 15 months to schedule your session, so pay off your Membership over 12 months, and then schedule your session for 12-15 months time.

If we have 15 months to schedule the session, can we pay it off over 15 months?
No sorry – the Membership is designed for easy payments over 12 months.
We will only pause your Membership once for 3 months if you are in financial stress.

See you soon, for your Brisbane Photography session!