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Our fave Family Portrait locations in Brisbane

Want to know about our fave Family Portrait locations in Brisbane?

Pack your picnic rug and BYO cute family, let’s go!

Family Portraits are the best time to gather your kiddies and run away from the craziness of life and work.

It’s time to just sit and enjoy your family, hug your partner and tickle the kids, while we capture your favourite things about your family.

Our fave Brisbane locations are outdoors, surrounded by nature, which both looks amazing in print, and is perfect for kids to run around and enjoy each other’s company.

Kids were never meant to be contained in the studio, so it’s always the best idea to get outside and let kids be kids.

Can you imagine your children running around in this beautiful field?

Paddock locations really are perfect, with a huge expanse of long grass, pretty floral weeds and gravel roads, and the most epic sunset, all year round.

what to wear?

Taking your portraits outdoors gives you endless opportunities to reflect who you and your family are, through outfits and colours!

Choose what you love to wear most, cause nearly anything goes in this gorgeous family portrait location!

Neutral-lovers, aim for block neutral colours – creams, whites, grey, denim, blush pink…

Or, grab that gorgeous colourful dress out of the cupboard, and dress your family in 2 or 3 matching colours… let’s rock this!

Oh, and aim for boots or flat shoes! Paddocks are not meant for high heels, and neither are your outdoor family portraits… You’ll thank me later!

cloudy days

Sunshine days are warm and bright, but when the weather rolls in and the clouds form, the grass becomes soft, cool and cosy. The variety here is amazing! It’s exactly the same place… but cloudy and stormy. So beautiful.

I love photographing in cloudy weather.. the mysterious, grey sky gives a beautiful diffused feel to photos. Plus, no squinting! Bonus! As long as it’s not raining, we proceed in beautiful overcast weather.

It really does provide the most beautiful, soft feel to your photos.

family portrait locations

Of course, we are happy to meet you at any Brisbane family portrait location, or even travel to the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island.

As a Family Portrait Photographer, a super-fun part of my job is driving around at sunset, scouting locations in the car. My kids are so used to it now, they randomly yell out, “that would be a great photo-shoot place, Mum!” – even when we’re just driving around the suburbs. Yep, I have trained them well, ha ha!

There are so many beautiful places around, and chances are, I’ve shot there before!

Tell me your ideas, share your thoughts with me, and let’s plan a beautiful Family Portrait session for you very soon.

kids playing together in paddock