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Christmas 2023 Santa Photos

Only 3 sessions remaining for Saturday 9th December.

Grab these very last sessions now!

brisbane santa photos 2023

This holiday season, we invite you to embark on a beautiful journey
that will take you back to the cherished memories of your childhood Christmases. 

Experience the magic of Christmas with your family, gathered around our beautiful Christmas trees,
engaging in fun and laughter, smells of candy canes and gingerbread, and maybe a snowy surprise!

Enjoy photographs with your family on two beautiful backdrops!

Classic, timeless Christmas Santa photos for the whole family.
Murrumba Downs, Brisbane North.

Remember those heartwarming childhood Christmas moments, seeing an abundance of toys on Christmas Day, whispering secrets to Santa, and taking in the smells and sights of the holiday season.

With a commitment to timeless elegance, we will help you relive the magic of those cherished moments year after year, delivering classic Christmas joy in your photographs.

This holiday season, let us be your storytellers, capturing the love, joy, and nostalgia that make Christmas truly special.

experience two beautiful worlds

We love our Christmas setups so much, we couldn’t choose!

No need to choose – You get BOTH!

That’s right, two beautiful setups in your Christmas session, at no extra cost.
Our beautiful gold and white Christmas Wonderland…. and our red Snow Cabin!

Just choose if you would like a SANTA or NO-SANTA session!

choose a santa or no-santa session

Santa Sessions – SOLD OUT
No-Santa Sessions – Last few available! Book yours now!


$ 225
  • Photos with SANTA on Gold Wonderland setup
  • 2 setups - Gold Wonderland + Snow Cabin
  • 10 Digital Images
  • Murrumba Downs Studio Location


Saturday 25 Nov - Sunday 26 Nov - Saturday 9 Dec
$ 225
  • 2 setups - Gold Wonderland + Snow Cabin
  • Families and kids welcome
  • 10 Digital Images
  • Murrumba Downs Studio Location

SANTA PHOTOS are on now!

enchanting brisbane santa photos

Joyful, magical and festive!

Visit our enchanting Christmas wonderland, and re-live those nostalgic childhood memories.

Get excited for snowy surprises!

For the first time ever, we have Santa visiting our Gold Wonderland set on SUNDAY 19TH NOVEMBER!

Kids can chat about their wish-lists with Santa, and enjoy Santa photos with the whole family.

We also have brand new setups – our Snow Cabin, full of fun and delight, and our Gold Wonderland – a glittery, gold and neutral Christmas tree set!

I can’t wait to see you soon!
Claire x

santa photos Brisbane

Santa will be appearing for one day only in our North Brisbane studio.

(That’s right, you may recognise him from previous years,
when Santa appeared digitally in your santa photos!) Well this year, he’s here, for real life!

Yes – Santa is coming for ONE DAY ONLY on 19th November.
All other dates will not have Santa.


santa photos

inclusions & pricing

Christmas photos are only $225, and include 10 Digital Images.

You will receive an online gallery of edited images, to choose your favourite 10. If you love more, you can purchase more! Extras are $20 each. Add an extra 10 for $99, or the whole gallery for $129. This is available to purchase after you view your photos.

meet your photographer

Hi, I’m Claire, your Christmas photographer!

I’m the crazy excitement behind this shindig, and I just love everything Christmas! It’s my absolute fave time of the year, and I absolutely love building, creating, and styling our beautiful Christmas sets to share with my clients every year.

Christmas sessions started years back, with 6 clients coming over for some basic styled Christmas photos.

During Covid, I embarked on a “digital Santa”, and was found and promoted by ABC Brisbane, 97.3fm radio, The Daily Mail, and had a few interviews and podcasts.

Our Christmas sessions suddenly exploded to 60+ families, and this year in 2023 we have space for 80+ families over a few days. What a journey!

Christmas doesn’t stop after your session!
Come back for a drive-by in December, while we add a few thousands lights to our home every year. I have big plans for this year, but sshhhh, don’t tell my husband, haha! (He thinks we have enough already).

join our priority group

Join our Christmas group for what to wear guides, and helpful hints and tips leading up to Christmas!

santa photos questions

Contact me if your question isn’t answered here, and I’ll be in touch with you asap! x

Q: Where is your studio?
A: Murrumba Downs, Brisbane Northside

Q: How much are the photos? 
A: $225 for 10 Digital Images.

Q: What if I want extras?
A: No problems! You can purchase extras after you see your gallery. Individual $20 each. Extra 10 $99. Whole gallery $129.

Q: What dates are the photos?
A: Sunday 19th November (Santa), Saturday 25th (No-Santa), Sunday 26th (No-Santa), Saturday 9th December (No-Santa).

Q: I can’t make those dates.
A: We’ll have weekday sessions available too – contact me ASAP to go on a waitlist.

Q: What if my child doesn’t like Santa?
A: We roll with it! We won’t know how kids will react, and that’s half the fun, photographing what happens. I have plenty of screaming photos of my kids too! We don’t offer refunds, so please be flexible and understanding.

Q: What if we don’t want Santa in our Santa photos?
A: Santa won’t be leaving the couch… so please don’t ask him to step away. He’ll be a very busy man, and due to time restrictions he will remain in the studio for your photos.

Q: What if I’m late?
A: If you’re late, delayed, etc, you will either miss your time slot, or it will be very tight! We have back-to-back bookings all day so we can’t fit in late arrivals. Please plan to arrive EARLY.

Q: What if we’re sick on the day?
A: That’s something we can’t help, however, if you’re sick on the day, we can’t rebook your session so you won’t be refunded. There may be the option of rescheduling to a weekday. If you’re sick, let us know asap, and stay home.

Q: I’ve booked a Santa session but I want both sets.
A: UPDATE: Both sets are included! But Santa will be photographed on the Gold set only – to save him walking around all day.

Q: Can I book 2 sessions? 
A: Yes! Book a Santa + No-Santa session, and receive a *BONUS* upgrade to all digital images from both sessions! Offer applies until sold out, and only for the same family members.

Q: Can I have Santa on the Snow Cabin set?
A: Sorry, no. Santa is only appearing on the Gold Wonderland set on 19th November. 

Q: What if I don’t like my photos?
A: I’ll be doing my very best to capture beautiful photos of your family/kids in the limited time we have. I’m a professional photographer with 15+ years experience, and I will only hand over quality photographs. I’m sorry if you don’t like your photos, but I will have done my best to photograph what I see on the day.

Q: I want more editing done/body changes/remove pimples etc.
A: Due to the thousands of photos taken over Christmas, we cannot individually hand-edit each photo. If you have specific requests, let us know. Extra editing is charged at $35 per image.

Q: Can I bring my dog/lizard/bird?
A: Sure/no/no. Restrained dogs on leash are allowed but please note this is my residential home. Bring bags to collect their poops. Dogs are only allowed on leash, please do not stand near other families/dogs/children. Do not bring animals of any other kind. Especially scaly ones. Rabbits are ok! (Please bring me rabbits) haha.

Q: What if my child/family knocks over something and breaks it?
A: Mistakes happen, but very expensive equipment is in our studio, costing into the thousands! Please keep your children calm and close to you. We are fully insured, but intentional harming of our equipment or sets will result in legal action.

Q: What if the photographer is sick on the day?
A: That’s what happened last year! I completely lost my voice for a few weeks due to vocal strain, however, due to amazing photographer friends, we had another photographer in quickly, and I was still present, but pretty quiet on the day, haha! (We will provide another photographer if needed).

Anymore questions I haven’t answered? Pop me an email and I’ll be in touch. x

See you soon, for your Brisbane Santa Photos!