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What’s Involved in a Cake Smash?

What’s involved in a cake smash? Behind the scenes from your Cake Smash Photographer!
Cake smash sessions are one of the cheapest sessions we offer (only $650!), but the most time-consuming session for me, the Photographer!
Each Cake Smash session is different, and every family has their own unique session styled for them. Sometimes my clients have an idea in mind (ie Wiggles theme, or Pink/White etc..) but most of the time they say they like “this” colour or outfit, and list a few things down on my questionnaire, and the rest is up to me!
what's involved in a cake smash?
Thanks to Pinterest (!!) I’m able to flick through thousands of similar colours, looks and textures, to mockup a Mood Board for my clients, so I know we’re on the right page (yes, photos on the Mood Board are sourced from Pinterest, not for copying, but for an idea of colours/textures etc to bring our ideas together).
what's involved in a cake smash?
Once the Mood Board is complete and clients can tell me what they love, I sketch and visualise it, to make sure I’m not leaving anything out. What’s involved in a cake smash? … Order backgrounds, spend hours stringing things together, iron flags, setup balloon garlands, zip-tie greenery, organise our milk bath and bubbles…. the list goes on!
what's involved in a cake smash?

Click here to view our Wiggles Balloon Garland setup Video

what's involved in a cake smash?


What’s involved in a Cake Smash?

It takes hours of time planning and sourcing props, outfits, colours, balloons, and rummaging through my own stash. Nearly every session involves some sort of online or store shopping for that little “extra” thing to make the setup complete – whether that’s from overseas, Etsy, somewhere local, or another Photographer friend to borrow a prop – thankyou Alison Cooke Photography ! Other times I’ve run out to the shops the night before for a last-minute pickup of something I can’t find, or something extra to make it work.
what's involved in a cake smash?
Cake Planning : What’s involved in a cake smash?
The cake order usually comes last – our amazing cake makers can make just about anything, so once the styling is sorted, the cake is ordered to match the theme. Then it takes another hour round trip to pickup the cake from our bakers in Brisbane.
what's involved in a cake smash?
The night before is the “full dress performance” I suppose.. everything is assembled – backgrounds, props, flowers, balloon garland, bath, cake.. photos are taken to ensure it looks amazing on camera.. cake is stored away safely, outfits are ready for the morning, and then I rest (or do a last-minute dash to the shops), excitedly waiting for a cute baby to come and smash it all to smithereens in the morning.
what's involved in a cake smash?
Cake Smash sessions are great fun for babies, oh-so-cute to watch for parents, and adorable on camera. They’re also a heck of a lot of work for me, but for your baby’s 1st birthday celebration, they’re absolutely WORTH IT.
what's involved in a cake smash?

Ready to schedule your baby’s Cake Smash session?

Due to the hours of time and planning involved, we have only 5 Cake Smash session availabilities per month, so contact us ASAP with your baby’s birthday month to book.

See you soon. x