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Newborn Photography Brisbane

Newborn workshop for Brisbane Photographers

An intimate Newborn workshop for Brisbane Photographers

The Newborn Studio welcomes professional and aspiring photographers and participants, to join us for a newborn workshop for Brisbane Photographers.


Do you want to be a Photographer?

Have you ever wanted to get into Newborn photography, but you don’t know how?

Are you confused about studio lighting?

Are you a Newborn Photographer who wants to learn more and refine your skills?

Come and join me for an intimate 1:1 Newborn workshop in my home studio in Murrumba Downs, North Brisbane.

Learn our favourite Newborn poses that you can use in your own Newborn client sessions, in easy, simple steps.
You’ll be learning my classic style of studio lighting,
and the best angles to pose and photograph parents and their newborn baby.

Plus, you’ll walk away with a collection of beautiful photos you’ve taken yourself,
along with the permission to use them for your website and socials.




An intimate learning experience

My home studio is the perfect newborn workshop space. I’ve been working from my home studio for over 10 years, and I’ve created everything I’ve ever done there!

I’m here to show you that you can create works of art for your clients, Award-winning images and more, from a space in your home – with the right studio lighting, and an easy, simple setup.


Only 1-2 participants

Your Newborn workshop is small and intimate, with up to only 2 participants if you bring a friend.
Choose from a 1:1 session together with me, or bring a friend for a 2:1 learning experience together.

I’ve been to workshops many years ago with 10-15 people all crowded around, hustling for the shot!
It’s chaos, with too many people, too much noise and not the best environment to learn.

There’s none of that here!

My newborn sessions are relaxed, quiet and comfortable – and so will your newborn workshop be with me.

It’s like a regular Newborn session, with a friend (you!).

No large groups of people, no waiting for a turn – just you and I in the studio with the family, photographing their baby.
I’ll guide you to help you take multiple photos, change your angles, adjust lighting, and nail your shot.

If you have something specific, let me know what you’d love to learn!

I’m here to help you achieve your goals of being a Newborn photographer!


Join me for a Newborn workshop!

My 1:1 and 2:1 workshops are held in my home studio in Murrumba Downs, Brisbane.

You’ll be supplied with a loaned transmitter to use with your camera, so we can shoot alongside each other at the same time.

We’ll aim to photograph baby and parents together, baby alone, and individual parent/baby photos. And if time persists and baby is happy, we’ll try a few other poses you may have in mind (but no crazy poses here!).

Take note, although we’re hoping for a great Newborn session, I can’t guarantee it! It all comes down to the baby, and we’ll capture what we can if baby is unsettled or wriggly.


Ready to book? See you soon!