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Photographing your baby at home

As of March 2020, Professional Newborn Photography Studios are closed due to Covid-19, and we will be reopening as soon as health restrictions allow us. But in the meantime, if your baby has arrived and you’ve missed seeing your Photographer, I’m here to help you photograph your baby, and capture these very important moments in their lives.


Please note: Some of these photos were taken 7-8 years ago while photographing in my client’s homes.
I’m showing you these because if you’re photographing in your home, nothing has changed.
This is what most families have access to – no studio lights or fancy props, just a few wraps and a camera or phone

photographing your baby at home

Here’s a few tips for photographing your baby at home.

Firstly, a huge congratulations on your newborn’s arrival!
In the midst of this health craziness, your baby is here, and snuggled into your arms. Congratulations, Mumma!

Once you’re home and recovering, (and hopefully catching a few zzzz’s), it’s time to think about photographing your baby.

Don’t rush this.
You will need around an hour of time, with a fed and relaxed baby, and more importantly, a fed and relaxed Mumma!

It’s no lie that Newborn photographers harp on about ensuring babies are fed before their newborn session, and it’s no different if you’re photographing your baby at home.
Aim to time these photos after a feed, so baby is fed, warm, wrapped, and happy to sleep for a while. Choose a time when kids or toddlers can be distracted elsewhere, or your partner is home to occupy them.
Have your camera and clean backgrounds in your home, ready to go before you start.

At home, usually a master bedroom or lounge room works the best.
Look for large windows or doors. Open the curtains, let the light in and clear some clutter off the bed or couch.
Pro tip: Go for clean, neutral white sheets to keep the focus on baby.

Baby’s nursery is the perfect location for photos.
Photograph the little nursery details, cot, room decor, and of course, baby sleeping in their crib.

Wrap Baby
We were gifted dozens of wraps when our babies were born, so I’m sure you’ve got one, too!
Make sure baby isn’t too hot or overdressed, so aim for a nappy + onesie, either short or long, depending on the weather.
Wrap baby up in the wrap, and tuck in the ends behind baby.
Photograph baby on a bed, with the light falling across baby’s face.
Pro tip: Aim for a stretchy jersey wrap, but if you only have cotton muslin (like this one pictured below), that’s fine too – just tuck the edges in, as it won’t stretch.

If you don’t want baby wrapped, that’s ok, but be prepared – baby’s reflexes are crazy after birth, and they can quickly throw out their arms to the side and exhibit their “moro reflex”, and startle themselves awake, crying.
Pro tip: Babies with wrapped arms don’t tend to flinch or startle.
If your baby is super-tanked and milk-drunk, go for the arms-out… they’re adorable.
Lay baby down on a few soft rugs or Doona and shoot overhead – make sure your camera strap is securely around your neck.

Heirloom items
Incorporate heirloom items, grandparent’s knitted throws or wraps, and other beautiful family momento’s.
Drape a blanket over a soft beanbag and nestle baby inside.
Very important: Make sure baby’s head isn’t too far down or resting on baby’s chest, as this can compromise baby’s breathing. 

Get the siblings involved. 
Toddlers love, hard.
And they hug, hard. 
So, with a little supervision, and a little encouragement, you can capture a beautiful sibling moment.
Toddlers aged 1-2 are best not “holding” baby on their own, incase they let go suddenly, however, you are the best judge of your children. Pro tip: Have a spotter or partner within arms reach at all times, ready to catch or move baby.

This pose is great for younger siblings, or even up to age 5-6 years. Simply lie baby down on the bed (away from the edge), and ask the sibling to lean in and kiss or smell the baby. Get ready to capture all the beautiful sibling goodness!!


Photograph the parents, too!
Photograph your partner, too, and Mums, make sure you get in the picture!!
We’re usually always the ones taking the photos, but this is definitely the time to get in front of the camera with your babe.
Hand the camera over to your partner, and make sure you have photos with baby and Mum, and baby and Dad.
Aim for cuddles against your chest, or in your hands looking down at baby.

I’ve photographed my baby at home, now what?
Well done, Mumma!
Having a newborn is tough enough, but taking some time aside to capture those details while Professional Photographers are unable to, is so very important.

Now that you’ve photographed your baby, make sure you download the photos, and back them up to a computer, hard drive and online cloud. Even if you don’t get to look through the images soon, you definitely do not want to lose them, delete them, or forget about them.


Now that you’ve photographed your baby, how are your photographs looking?
Are you happy with your photos, or are you missing that “wow” factor, or just not sure how to alter the light or remove a few distracting elements?
Rest assured, I can help you with editing your photographs, too!

Professional editing of 6 digital images for only $35.

If you don’t know what to do with your photos, choose your best 6 and send them to me.
I will look over them and apply appropriate editing techniques, such as extra light or darkness, sharpness, and removal of distracting elements such as stray hairs, blemishes, etc.
**Please note, over-exposed (blown out) or very dark images cannot be fixed.
**Please ensure your images are in focus, adequately lit, and at the highest resolution possible.

Email your photos to me at the highest resolution you have – either straight from your phone, or out of the RAW software in your camera, as a high level 12 Jpeg.


Thankyou for your patience while we wait for Covid-19 restrictions to lift.
In the meantime while we can’t see you, you are your baby’s photographer!

If you have missed your Newborn session, I am more than happy to photograph your baby when health restrictions lift, whenever this may be! Please get in touch with me to pencil in a newborn session.
Newborns and milestone sessions will take priority and will be photographed as soon as our studio reopens.

Book your Priority Newborn session here.