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Photography payment plan

Photography Payment Plan

Payment plans have always been a little tricky to offer to our clients, but now we have a solution to your photography payment plan worries. And, it’s low-fees, and zero interest!
Working with babies, I know that many of my clients started off as double-income families, and then made the huge jump to a one-income, or Maternity/Paternity-leave. It’s not easy to bring new life into the world, along with their costly purchases and delivery fees, when you’re down to one income, so we understand you need a solution.
The Newborn Studio offer quality, heirloom photography, and the majority of our clients spend $1900+ (actually, the majority spend $1500-$3000)….. that is entirely your choice, depending on what artwork you love. And we’re here to make it easy for you to have what you love, whether you’re paying for your products outright, or over time.
Our end result from every Newborn session, is to make sure you receive beautiful and quality products, the very best that we can produce for you, that will adorn your walls for years to come.
I’ve spent years offering in-house payment plans to my clients, who were paying off their products slowly. But… the big negative was, I couldn’t release their products for months until their payments were finished. That really irked me, because I want my clients to have their products ASAP. Nobody wants to wait, but unfortunately I’m not a bank, and I can’t release products without payment.

Your Photography payment plan with PayRight

PayRight plans work like this. But firstly, let’s introduce you to our clients, “Molly & Greg”.
Molly is on Maternity leave with half pay, and Greg has been working in real estate for 5 years. They’ve been renting a townhouse an hour away for the last 8 years, and they’re moving to their “forever home” in a few months time. This is their first baby.
Molly & Greg have a fairly loose budget, they enjoy having dinner out every so often, and a treat at the movies, but don’t want to over-spend each month. They value what they spend money on, and they’re able to commit to $50 per week towards their photography payment plan, rather than paying it off in full, as it will be easier on Greg’s income, while Molly is on leave.
Molly and Greg have had their Newborn session, viewed and chosen their photographs, and have chosen our Premium Portrait Box, with 20 Matted Prints + 20 Digital Images, for $2200 (at the time of writing). They don’t want to put the cost on their credit card, with their upcoming baby’s arrival soon, and they’re a bit nervous about a Payment plan, as they’ve only ever had a car loan. So, let’s chat about it, and see if it will work for them.
Molly & Greg have a clean credit history and would like to see if a photography payment plan suits their needs, so they can have their Portrait Box that they have seen, and love already. They know it will cost $2200 plus Payment Plan fees, so let’s work out their repayments.

Only pay 10% straight up.

Firstly, Molly & Greg discuss how much they want to pay today as a downpayment, and agree on $220 (10%). They discuss how easy it is to only need to pay $220 straight up! They were expecting to pay more. 

No interest, ever!

With a clean credit history and adequate checks (drivers licence, income details, etc), we enter their details into the computer, to compare fees and costs over paying their products off in 6 months or 12.  We let them know that PayRight has Low Fees, and NO INTEREST, EVER! Plus, Molly & Greg can pay off their products quicker if they want to, when Molly goes back to work. They’re really happy with that option.
We can see that with a $220 deposit towards their products, Molly & Greg need to pay $1980 remainder, plus fees. Their repayments works out at $176.37 per month, over 12 months. Their TOTAL FEES work out at around $195, for the ability to pay off their products over 12 months.

No interest, and less than $200 fees.

Molly & Greg are really happy, they’ve come in under their budget of $50/week, and those fees will reduce if they pay it off quicker.
Molly & Greg love the option of paying off their products over 12 months, so we finish their application and submit to Payright. Within seconds, we see a YES! Approval is done. Yippee! Payright has approved their loan, so we swipe their credit card for the $220 deposit, and finish the approval process in the studio.
Molly & Greg are stoked! That was too easy!
Next step, we discuss Portrait Box colours with Molly & Greg, and they decide on a beautiful white box. We make notes of their order, and they’re ready to go!

No waiting… Receive your products straight away.

In 3-4 weeks we’ll give Molly & Greg a call, and their Premium Portrait Box will be ready to pickup, and adorn the walls of their home. Molly & Greg have only just started paying their first instalment to Payright, and they’ve already received their products! Win-Win!

Being able to afford beautiful Photography products is now really simple.

If you’re like Molly & Greg, and the option of paying $50/week sounds so much easier to you, then contact us now! We can help you choose the best products to suit you, AND show you a repayment schedule, even before your session.
With Payright’s help, we can now introduce a safe, secure way of taking your products home straight away, and paying them off gently over time. Whether you need a payment plan, or want the option anyway, it’s here for you.
So is there a catch? Only if you default, or stop paying. 
Yes, there are fees involved if you default on your loan, or miss payments without warning. It’s like any other loan, in that you’re committed to paying off your loan, with PayRight.
PayRight are responsible photography payment plan lenders, and won’t approve clients with a dicey credit history. Also, you as a client will probably know your credit history before signing up with PayRight, so it’s best if you call them directly beforehand for approval questions.
I have the very important job of offering you a Payright Payment Plan, so I’ll make sure you read the fine print and conditions BEFORE you sign up, and I’ll show you the repayment schedule, fees involved, and answer your questions first. I don’t want you signing up to something you don’t understand.

PayRight really is a WIN for our clients!

If you’d love a Newborn or Family session, and you’d like to enquire first about a photography payment plan, contact us here and we will be in touch, or give Claire a call today on 0419 657 120.

Talk to us about your Photography payment plan today.