Expecting a baby? Every parent should read this

We think of Newborn Photography, and images of gorgeous, curled-up, sleeping Newborns come to mind…. but very rarely, we come across a baby who just doesn’t seem right…

Expecting a baby? Read along…

You’re reading this because you’re expecting a baby and searching for a Newborn Photographer….So while you’re googling that, ask yourself (and them!), can my Newborn Photographer spot a baby in distress? What would my Newborn Photographer do if my baby suddenly needed medical help during the session? Are they trained and ready to react?

Every new and expecting parent should read this before they book their Newborn Photographer.


Academy of Newborn Photography training

I, along with hundreds of other photographers, are just that! Photographers, who deal with Newborns. But unlike families or weddings, we are dealing with brand new lives, and it’s so, so important to do everything we can to equip ourselves for safe practicing of handling newborns. So when a certified Newborn course came up to learn more about the medical side of newborns and new Mums, I jumped at the chance to enrol.

Over the past 8 years as a photographer, I’ve completed a handful of courses on baby posing, business, etc, but nothing at all like this course from the Academy of Newborn Photography. To start with, the course was hard. Like, REALLY hard. I’m talking medical terms that I’ve never heard of. Stuff that Nurses, Doctors and Midwives study, but in a condensed version, suitable for non-medically-qualified Newborn Photographers.

I always knew we had an important job, having little week-old Newborn babies in our care, but the information in this training really made me realise how critical the first few weeks of a babies life is.
After you read pages and pages of medical information on the birth period, neonatal period, new Mum and baby complications, CPR, birth defects, complications, cyanosis, Workplace health and safety, and more big words, you still have to pass a test! Multiple tests…  Like high school!

To say it was hard is an understatement, and I’m not ashamed to say it took me a few goes. But was it worth it? Oh yes. Words and study don’t come back quickly enough until a situation presents in the studio when you NEED that information, stat.


Your baby’s Health and Safety is my number 1 priority.

It’s so important to choose a Newborn Photographer who puts your baby #1.

We are so lucky as Newborn Photographers, to have baby cuddles with these completely gorgeous little bundles. For a long time now, I’ve felt “in tune” with newborns, ready to react and adjust poses or settling techniques when they squirm, and able to hear and differentiate different noises for hunger, tiredness, and tummy pains. We have such a low rate of unsettled babies in the studio, and it just feels natural to me, to be able to handle a newborn safely, gentle ease out burps, and settle babies off to sleep. The “baby-whisperer” comes up from parents quite often in most sessions, along with offers of 2am cuddles!

If you’re reading this and looking for a Newborn Photographer, it’s important to find someone who understands your baby’s needs.

Please don’t choose someone purely based on price or location.
The majority of our clients drive 45 minutes – 1.5 hours to our home studio for their Newborn sessions, and I’m so grateful that my clients choose me.

Don’t choose someone who just wants to practice their poses, regardless of your baby. Or someone who’s rude or ignorant when you’re enquiring. Or someone who’s work looks unsafe, or dangerous. Your baby’s safety comes before pretty pictures.

Find someone who is:
1) Immunised – and please check with them! (yes! I am. Whooping Cough is particular important).
2) Received newborn training (yes!)
3) A non-smoker. Yuck. You definitely do not want your new baby inhaling smoke.
4) Someone who shows patience and kindness to you and your baby. You should get a feel for that when you’re contacting your prospective photographer.
5) A qualified and insured Photographer who photographs what you want to capture, and can provide you with beautiful quality, heirloom products.

I’m also an Accredited Associate Professional Photographer (AAIPP) of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.



Every new and expecting parent should read this.

Case study.. a real one : My 10 day old Newborn client.

This is why it’s important to find a Newborn Photographer who has your baby’s safety as #1.

Baby E’s parents have given me permission to share his story, with the hope that every new and expecting parent should read this. Not to scare or alarm you, but to show you how vitally important it is that your Newborn Photographer watches your baby carefully, reacts to your baby, and speaks up and responds when necessary.

Please note. I am NOT a midwife, nurse, or doctor. But the medical training specific to Newborn Photographers that I received assisted me in a real-life scenario, and I am very grateful to have received this training. This case was the first I had encountered in 8 years photographing Newborns.

*Baby photographs in this post are not related *


A Client’s perspective, in Mum’s words.

Baby E presented in the studio for his Newborn session at 10 days old, with his parents and big brother.
Almost immediately I noticed he had a different sounding cry, which put me on alert. His parents were unaware of anything out of the ordinary, and while going through our Newborn health checklist that I do before every session, they remarked that his Paediatrician was happy with him, and he was healthy and happy.

Before baby E’s session there was no issues or concerns. Nothing out of ordinary – he’s a very happy baby. I felt very reassured that my baby is in good hands. Although I knew that already from the way you handled my first newborn three years ago 🙂 

After talking about baby E’s birth and arrival, and any issues he had (none), we proceeded with the session, and I kept an eye on him. At one point I stopped and held him for a few minutes (and took a video of him) because I was sure that something was amiss. He had moments of a tracheal tug, slight chest retractions, and raspy noise, then would go back to normal. I knew something was going on, and I knew that ANY form of respiratory distress (even mild) needed help.  It’s a scary thing to stop a session and tell the parents that there may be an issue with their baby (who was pink and happy, wriggling around, looking so perfect!) – but while a baby is in my care, in my home studio, I will never hesitate to stop the session.

Although I didn’t think it negated an Ambulance, I wasn’t prepared to wait. I’m not a doctor. I made the call to both a NICU friend to confirm my suspicions, and (with the parent’s permission) to 13HEALTH (an non-urgent Australian phone number to speak with a Registered Nurse) for their thoughts.

“I wasn’t concerned at first as his Paediatrician said the funny sounds he was making was normal. But when you pointed out you’ve never seen that before I started to get worried… You handled it very well. I’d be a lot more scared if I heard panic in your voice!… It was very reassuring to talk to a nurse and most of all to learn about 13HEALTH that I used few days later when my son spiked 38.5C fever!”

Baby E’s condition was deemed non-urgent, and he was taken to his GP who dismissed his symptoms. But luckily his parents sought advice again from his Paediatrician, who confirmed a medical diagnosis related to his breathing, of which he received medical care. Luckily his diagnosis is only mild, and his breathing issues will regulate themselves as he grows, but had the symptoms been ignored for longer, or not raised at all, I have no idea how that could affect him. I wasn’t prepared to ignore it and send him home.

Baby E’s Mum says “You were a true professional and knowing my baby’s safety was the priority was so important to me. I would 100% recommend you to anyone. You are so caring and gentle with babies. Your photos are a piece of art and complete our home. You really go above and beyond for your clients. You are so responsive and hardworking. And your training in newborn’s health and safety is a huge bonus”.

While Baby E’s condition was not life threatening, its again another reason to choose an experienced Newborn Photographer. Someone who has handled many, many babies, and someone who will not hesitate to put your baby FIRST.

“I was very impressed you went through so much training in medical issues for newborns. I don’t know any other newborn photographers with so much medical knowledge”.


Why choose The Newborn Studio as your experienced, professional Newborn Photographer?

Baby E’s Mum writes “There are so many reasons why I chose you to be our newborn photographer! Not only you have an amazing talent as a photographer but your level of patience with newborns is extraordinary! I never forget our first newborn photoshoot when my baby did everything he could to make it impossible but you still managed to get breathtaking photos. You are so gentle and yet so confident with newborn – I could never do what you do. It’s truly amazing.”


My promise to you.
Your baby and your family WILL be my number 1 priority.

When you choose The Newborn Studio as your Photographer, you’re choosing me, Claire, a Mum of 3 little ones (8yo, 5yo and 2yo), and a caring, friendly, and baby-loving Newborn Photographer.

I hope this puts your mind at ease, knowing that I am qualified, insured, and trained. And by mid-January, I will have completed Infant and Baby CPR hands-on certification, to update my training.

I look forward to meeting you, answering any questions you have, and snuggling your baby…
(Oh, and providing you with gorgeous photos, too). !

Claire x


Book your Newborn session here.








Maternity Photography Brisbane: The ULTIMATE Guide to Amazing Maternity Photos

Congratulations! Those two little lines have shown up, and from the moment you found out you’re pregnant, it’s been a whirlwind of excitement, tears, jumping-with-joy, nerves and happy smiles… it’s such an exciting time for you! Maternity Photography Brisbane is huge, but we’re here to help in this exciting time!

We meet hundreds of new and expecting parents, and it’s people just like you, new Mumma’s, and Mumma’s of other little ones, that we love to photograph, and document this happy time for you.

So, we’ve developed the ULTIMATE Guide to Amazing Maternity Photos, in just 5 steps.

maternity photography brisbane

In the first and second trimester, it’s ALLLL about you and baby… those first fluttery kicks, nausea, tiredness (ohhh, the tiredness!). Your little bump is growing, baby’s growth is now visible in movements and rolls, and you’re still battling the tired/nausea/tired/tired/sick/forgetful stage… oh, pregnancy!

It’s at this time, usually in the second trimester of pregnancy, that we find the joy and happiness radiating, in feeling and looking amazing. Now is the time we’re enjoying our pregnancy, loving running our hands over our stretched tummy, feeling baby’s kicks and rolls, and just basking in pregnancy glow. It’s time to book your session!

Maternity Photography Brisbane

Your ULTIMATE guide to Amazing Maternity Photos

maternity photography brisbane

Maternity Photography Brisbane | The Ultimate Guide #1 : Find a Maternity photographer who you love, and book them by 30 weeks.

Every Photographer is different, and I’m so glad you’re here and reading this, because that means you probably love our photographs, and you can see yourself being photographed by The Newborn Studio. That’s so exciting!

Once you’ve found that photographer you know, love and trust, it’s time to book your session for your early third trimester.

The early third trimester is usually when we’re feeling amazing and we’ve got a big enough belly to prove it! We want to grab that sweet spot of time, between the first trimester when some Mumma’s are battling nausea and illness, and the third trimester when we can’t see our toes and would much prefer to watch Netflix with our feet up.

The ideal time is around 32-35 weeks, and of course, this depends on your situation, or if you’re expecting multiples. We really don’t want to photograph you too close to full term at 37 weeks, (and especially in my case, all of my 3 babies arrived at 37 weeks! Anything can happen!), so please book your session by the time you’ve reached 30 weeks at least, the earlier, the better.

Book your Maternity session here.

maternity photography brisbane

Maternity Photography Brisbane | The Ultimate Guide #2 : Focus on your baby

Simple, sweet, pregnancy photographs, to remember for years to come.

For a moment in time, all that matters is your pregnant tummy. Your hands guide their way over your stretching skin, feeling baby’s movements underneath, as you rub your belly and whisper hello to your little one.

We’re here to capture the connection, the love and trust, the hugs and the tummy-rubs, the classic, simple, sweet photographs you’ll remember and love for years to come. These little details matter greatly to us. The simplicity reminds us of a fresh, brand new baby. New promises, a new day, new beginnings.

maternity photography brisbane

We can achieve this and more, in your complimentary studio Maternity session. And for those who love the details – yes, it’s all provided for you, like these beautiful, simple wraps here in this photograph. Take a moment to be present and capture these details before they’re gone, and replaced so quickly with the promises that were growing in your beautiful tummy… your little bundle of joy.

maternity photography brisbane

Maternity Photography Brisbane | The Ultimate Guide #3 : Emmerse yourself in a Milk Bath

Pregnancy sessions are so beautiful, so delicate, and all about the connection between you and your tummy, and a Maternity Milk Bath is such a beautiful, soft way of capturing this amazing time.

maternity photography brisbane

Don’t stress if you think, there’s no way I could do this – because I’ve had my own pregnancy Milk Bath session, too, and I know how you’ll be feeling. In minutes you’ll be relaxing, letting your tummy float in the water, and feeling like a goddess while we arrange fresh flowers around you, arrange your hair, and guide you as we photograph you. And it’s all provided, too – wraps, lace gowns, fresh flowers, even the bath!

Our Milk Bath sessions are held in our residential home, next to our studio. Our beautiful bath is just the right size for our Mumma’s to lay down and relax in, while the beautiful outdoor light filters in through the window. The floral colours and styling is all around what you love, so if you’re after a romantic, creamy-pink session like this one here, we can do that! Or if you’d prefer daisies, whites and yellows, that’s no problems too. It’s all included.

Milk Bath sessions can be added onto your complimentary studio Maternity session for only $350. Click here to enquire.

maternity photography brisbane

Maternity Photography Brisbane | The Ultimate Guide #4 : Involve your family!

Our pregnancies are always about us, and our baby…. how we’re feeling, how much baby is moving, what milestones baby is up to….. and it’s so exciting to share these milestones and happy times with our families. So it’s a great honour to have families and siblings in the studio to join in Mumma’s pregnancy session!

maternity photography brisbane

As a photographer, it’s so lovely having little siblings in the studio, especially little toddlers! They’re so inquisitive, so much wondering what the heck is happening soon, and just so gorgeous. Those expressions! It’s time to hug your tummy, hold your toddler tight, and enjoy cuddles with your partner and family. This exciting time in your life is also theirs, too, and it’s time to celebrate together.

maternity photography brisbane

maternity photography brisbane

Maternity Photography Brisbane | The Ultimate Guide #5 : Print those memories!

Having your photographs taken is just the beginning, it’s so important, and we are so thankful you’ve chosen Maternity Photography Brisbane with us at The Newborn Studio. Now, it’s time to print, love, and cherish those photographs! And we can certainly help you with that.

Our clients absolutely LOVE their combined Maternity/Newborn Albums… there’s nothing more that really shows you how much has happened in the last year, than looking through your Fine Art Album, and watching as your tummy grew, and then baby arrived.

As a Mumma of 3 young children myself, it’s the wonder and joy in my children’s eyes when they look through our own family albums, seeing themselves as babies in Mumma’s tummy, and then as newborns… I know I’ve done my job right, in printing and preserving their memories.

Albums aren’t for shelves. They’re for life, for holding, for page-turning.

maternity photography brisbane

Maternity photos have indeed come a long way, but we’ve found the secret to keeping them beautiful for years to come. Your session will be glorious, and beautiful. Guided, simple posing, to show off your beautiful pregnant tummy, love and connection, hugs and tummy-kisses, family hugs, toddler-cuddles, and little belly movements, while we marvel about the wonder and miraculous that is indeed, pregnancy.

I’m so glad you’re ready to book your Maternity photography session with us.

Simply call or email to book your session, or enter your details here and Claire will be in touch.
Maternity Photography Brisbane






12 month Cake Smash celebration

12 month Cake Smash celebrations are such fun!

I first met little Danika and her parents months ago at the Essential Baby Expo earlier this year when she was only a few months old! They loved the look of our Sitter baby photographs we had on display, and pre-booked Danika’s 12 month Cake Smash session on the spot. It was so nice to see her a couple of weeks ago, all grown up as a big 12 month old!

baby sitting up on bed studio

As a parent, your baby’s first year is just so amazing. Crazy, amazing. Your baby has grown so, so big in only 12 months! Baby has gone from being a fresh little newborn and only 3-4kgs, to a crawling, walking, blabbering, fist-grabbing, hair-pulling, food-spitting, big-grinning, teething, gummy little person! It astounds me every time I see my little clients come back in the door at 12 months old. How did they even grow so fast!

Your baby’s 12 month milestone is huge – and not just for your babe! YOU as a parent have survived, too! You’ve nurtured, cuddled, kissed, fed, and soothed your baby for one whole year. Congratulations, Mumma and Daddy. You are doing a great job!

The first year is huge, and that’s why it’s a celebration! So we celebrate by including the family too, because – it’s not just your baby’s first birthday, but it’s an honouring of you as parents, the great job you are doing, and you deserve to celebrate that!

family photo in the studio brisbane toddler

Cake Smash sessions are more than just a cake smash.

Firstly, it’s time to photograph your baby and the milestones they’re achieving, right now! Bring along a gorgeous outfit for your baby, or wear one of our beautiful studio rompers we provide here, and it’s time for some fun in the studio with your babe! Little Danika brought along 3 of her bunnies from home, such  a gorgeous way of documenting her fave things as a 12 month old.

toddler girl sitting on bed with toys

After baby’s session we invite Mum, Dads and siblings to jump into the photo as well. We love having families in the studio, and this is the perfect chance to update your family photo too! Our studio sessions aren’t stressful or forced – we simply encourage families to sit close to each other, have cuddles, tickle their baby and blow raspberries on baby’s face, while I act like a goose with all my squeaky toys and crazy baby-noises to capture your baby’s attention 🙂 And yes – we will grab that special “looking-at-the-camera-photo”…. because that’s always a winner!

family photo studio brisbane

Our fave time of the session is watching baby with their cake! The “cake smash” can be taken in many different ways…. some babies see the cake and launch their little hands straight into it! Other babies don’t know what that big, colourful-looking piece of food is, and whether they should eat it or not… ! Sometimes we need to encourage and reassure babies that the cake is OK to touch – and we have all our tricks to encourage baby, such as hiding little sandwiches and cheese sticks behind the cake, and giving them spoons to hold instead.

While we’re talking “cake” smashes…. let me reassure you that YES, we have also done FRUIT SMASH sessions and PANCAKE sessions, too! Some babies have allergies, and some parents would prefer them munching on fruit, rather than icing – and that’s ok, too! We can accommodate your special requests, and you are also more than welcome to make or bring your own cake too, if Bub has specific allergies.

Check out baby Amelia’s Fruit Smash session, of her favourite fruits – watermelon and banana!

Otherwise, our beautiful cakes are provided by The Cupcake Patisserie at Chermside, where owners Aimee and Amanda do such an amazing job baking and decorating our cakes! Before each session I work out the best colours and style for your baby’s cake, and The Cupcake Patisserie make it happen! I can’t eat cake (I’m gluten-free), but I’ve tasted plenty of icing! haha…. and all the parents tell me the cakes taste de-a-licious!

pink silver toddler child cake smash 12 months

You’ll notice our sessions are all styled to your fave themes, colours, or outfits – baby Danika’s parents requested florals with pink/silver to match her beautiful dress – no worries! We can do that 🙂 Simply tell me what you would love from baby’s cake smash session, and I’ll design the session around that. Choose a nursery or superhero theme, or a fave outfit, or something new and modern like white, stars, woodland, organic…. anything you love, we can probably do!

Once we’ve had baby’s Cake Smash session, you’ll wonder if the icing will ever come out of baby’s outfit! So here’s a parent tip, bring a spare plastic bag to take baby’s icing-covered outfit home for washing 🙂 And in the meantime, we’ll pop a naked little Bub in our custom-designed cake smash bath for their Milk Bath session…. guaranteed to grab those cheeky smiles and gorgeous expressions!

The name “milk bath” seems very up-and-coming at the moment, but all it is, is warm water (for baby’s comfort), with around 1/2 a cup of milk. That’s it! The milk just clouds the water over, so when we’re taking photos, the water is cloudy instead of see-through, and we don’t accidentally photograph body parts that we don’t need to see! Milk Baths are great for babes with milk intolerances, because we can substitute with almond milk or soy milk if required.

Remember the cute expressions? Need I say more….

baby girl pouting bath

Our gorgeous, brand new Milk Bath tub is perfect for wrapping up our sessions, and big enough for twins, too!

Babies love splashing in a little bit of warm water, with Mum or Dad blowing bubbles over my shoulder, while I try to avoid the water splashing over the camera! haha… But seriously, the most fun part of the session, and a great way of washing all the cake and icing off baby’s body.

floral cake smash session brisbane

The best part of the cake smash session is having your photos ready for baby’s birthday! If you’d love to use these gorgeous photos for your baby’s birthday invitations, or a beautiful photograph on the table at baby’s 1st birthday, it’s important to tell us, so we can schedule your session around 11 months, and have the photos ready for you asap.

Our beautiful digital storyboard (below) is a gorgeous way of showing off baby’s photos for their birthday! This is included in your Cake Smash session, along with another 15 Digital Images of your choice, to keep.

Cake Smash celebrations. I love them.

Book your Cake Smash session today.

cake smash brisbane

Photography payment plans

I’m the first to admit I cannot stand payment plans. I don’t like loans. I don’t like the fees and the interest and I don’t want to buy a car and spend 3 times the amount paying it off over 20 years….I don’t like the idea of interest-free for 2 years, then wham, fees galore after that! I mean, unless it’s a downright necessity, we do all we can to avoid paying thousands of dollars more than what things are worth, right?!
It’s the same for photography, but – here’s a solution to our Payment Plan worries, with PayRight!
Working with babies, I know that A LOT of my clients started off as double-income families, and then made the huge jump to a one-income, or Maternity/Paternity-leave. It’s not easy to bring new life into the world, along with their costly purchases and delivery fees, when you’re down to one income.
The Newborn Studio offer quality, heirloom photography, and the majority of our clients spend $1900+ (actually, the majority spend $1500-$3000)….. that is entirely your choice, depending on what artwork you love. And we’re here to make it easy for you to have what you love, whether you’re paying for your products outright, or over time.
Our end result from every Newborn session, is to make sure you receive beautiful and quality products, the very best that we can produce for you, that will adorn your walls for years to come.
Some families are very happy to spend $2500 on their Newborn session and pop it on their credit card for those extra points – and that’s great! We love that.
Other families have a budget of say $200/month that they absolutely cannot max out…. and that’s great, too!
Because, we have wonderful options for you!
I’ve spent years offering in-house payment plans to my clients, who were paying off their products slowly. But… the big negative was, I couldn’t release their products for months until their payments were finished. That really irked me, because I want my clients to have their products ASAP. Nobody wants to wait, but unfortunately I’m not a bank, and I can’t release products without payment.
PayRight payment plans have changed what I know about loans, completely! And this is one that I am 100% HAPPY to offer my clients! 🙂
PayRight plans work like this. But firstly, let’s introduce you to our clients, “Molly & Greg”.
Molly is on Maternity leave with half pay, and Greg has been working in real estate for 5 years. They’ve been renting a townhouse an hour away for the last 8 years, and they’re moving to their “forever home” in a few months time. This is their first baby.
Molly & Greg have a fairly loose budget, they enjoy having dinner out every so often, and a treat at the movies, but don’t want to over-spend each month. They value what they spend money on, and they’re able to commit to $50 per week towards their photography products, rather than paying it off in full, as it will be easier on Greg’s income, while Molly is on leave.
Molly and Greg have had their Newborn session, viewed and chosen their photographs, and have chosen our Premium Portrait Box, with 20 Matted Prints + 20 Digital Images, for $2200. They don’t want to put the cost on their credit card, with their upcoming baby’s arrival soon, and they’re a bit nervous about a Payment plan, as they’ve only ever had a car loan. So, let’s chat about it, and see if it will work for them.
Molly & Greg have a clean credit history and would like to see if a Payment Plan suits their needs, so they can have their Portrait Box that they have seen, and love already. They know it will cost $2200 plus Payment Plan fees, so let’s work out their repayments.
Firstly, Molly & Greg discuss how much they want to pay today as a downpayment, and agree on $220 (10%). They discuss how easy it is to only need to pay $220 straight up! They were expecting to pay more. 
With a clean credit history and adequate checks (drivers licence, income details, etc), we enter their details into the computer, to compare fees and costs over paying their products off in 6 months or 12.  We let them know that PayRight has Low Fees, and NO INTEREST, EVER! Plus, Molly & Greg can pay off their products quicker if they want to, when Molly goes back to work. They’re really happy with that option.
We can see that with a $220 deposit towards their products, Molly & Greg need to pay $1980 remainder, plus fees. Their repayments works out at $176.37 per month, over 12 months. Their TOTAL FEES work out at around $195, for the ability to pay off their products over 12 months.
That’s less than $200 in fees!
Molly & Greg are really happy, they’ve come in under their budget of $50/week, and those fees will reduce if they pay it off quicker.
Molly & Greg love the option of paying off their products over 12 months, so we finish their application and submit to Payright. Within seconds, we see a YES! Approval is done. Yippee! Payright has approved their loan, so we swipe their credit card for the $220 deposit, and finish the approval process in the studio.
Molly & Greg are stoked! That was too easy!
Next step, we discuss Portrait Box colours with Molly & Greg, and they decide on a beautiful white box. We make notes of their order, and they’re ready to go!
In 3-4 weeks we’ll give Molly & Greg a call, and their Premium Portrait Box will be ready to pickup, and adorn the walls of their home.
Molly & Greg have only just started paying their first instalment to Payright, and they’ve already received their products! Win-Win!

Being able to afford beautiful Photography products is now really simple!

If you’re like Molly & Greg, and the option of paying $50/week sounds so much easier to you, then contact us now! We can help you choose the best products to suit you, AND show you a repayment schedule, even before your session.
With Payright’s help, we can now introduce a safe, secure way of taking your products home straight away, and paying them off gently over time. Whether you need a payment plan, or want the option anyway, it’s here for you.
So is there a catch? Only if you default, or stop paying. 
Yes, there are fees involved if you default on your loan, or miss payments without warning. It’s like any other loan, in that you’re committed to paying off your loan, with PayRight.
PayRight are responsible lenders, and won’t approve clients with a dicey credit history. Also, you as a client will probably know your credit history before signing up with PayRight, so it’s best if you call them directly beforehand for approval questions.
I have the very important job of offering you a Payright Payment Plan, so I’ll make sure you read the fine print and conditions BEFORE you sign up, and I’ll show you the repayment schedule, fees involved, and answer your questions first. I don’t want you signing up to something you don’t understand.
PayRight really is a WIN! for our clients!
If you’d love a Newborn or Family session, and you’d like to enquire first about a PayRight payment plan, contact us here and we will be in touch!
For as little as $50/week, Newborn photography is more affordable than you thought. 

Christmas Sessions are here!

Exciting news, Christmas sessions are here!

In our classic “The Newborn Studio” style, we’ve designed a simply gorgeous Christmas setup for your children’s Christmas photos this year.

Simply bring along a gorgeous outfit for your children to wear, or use one of our beautiful dresses, rompers and baby outfits we have in the studio.

Christmas sessions are 30 minutes, and available for up to 3 children.

Booking details below.


All Christmas sessions include:

Studio photography session for up to 3 children.

8 Digital Images via digital download

Online gallery to choose your favourite images

1 personalised Digital Christmas card (choice of 3 designs)

AND …. an 11×14 inch Matted Print of your favourite photo (valued at $120), ready for framing, or gifting to relatives


Christmas mini sessions

Christmas session dates

Friday 9th November

Saturday 10th November

Selected session times are available between 9.30am – 3pm.

Click here to contact us and BOOK YOUR CHRISTMAS SESSION

or contact us directly.


0419 657 120


Grab your Christmas outfit, and we’ll see you soon!


Christmas newborn photo stars

Terms & Conditions

Portrait Agreement to be signed for each session, upon booking.

$220 Session cost payable upon booking to secure your session.

Sessions are 30 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes early.

 Session cost includes 8 Digital Images + 1 Digital Christmas card for emailing.

Extra digital images are available to purchase for $20 each.

Selected studio outfits are available for babies and children in limited styles and sizes.

Parents are welcome to join in photographs with the children.