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Newborn Photography Brisbane

Creative Art Project | IVF Babies

A few times each year we put the call-out to babies of Brisbane, to participate in our Creative Art projects. These projects are purely creative-based, designed for Photographers to push their creativity, ideas, and concepts, outside of regular client sessions. These sessions have often been months in planning, sketching and designing, behind the scenes, with a specific end result in mind, for our personal creative projects, or upcoming National or International Photographic Awards – all we need is a little Newborn model to help complete the picture!

Our upcoming project is specifically for NEWBORNS who have been conceived via IVF or other artificial means. We would love to hear your stories, celebrate your pregnancy, and document your beautiful baby, in a setup specific to your journey.

If your IVF Newborn is due in JANUARY-MARCH 2016, please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch.