Brendale family photographer

I met this beautiful family for the first time, at one of my favourite outdoor locations in Brisbane, a beautiful horse paddock, open to the public, where we often have family photographic sessions! It’s such a beautiful place to wander through, throw stones in the creek, and just enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors.

This gorgeous family was such fun, full of hugs and tickles, and little Isaac was so cute with his cheeky grins and little giggle.

And ohhhh, should I mention the sunset……. *love*

Thankyou, Bromley family x


Baby lips & little details

Some babies come to our boutique home studio, and we just want to keep them ALLLL day! Gorgeous baby Jack was one of these.

Beautiful creamy skin, little chubba rolls, and those gorgeous lips : a bundle of perfection.

Thankyou for the cuddles Jack xx

newborn baby boy beanbag newborn baby boy and parents cuddle baby boy cream neutral hat newborn brisbane mum holding new baby boy baby boy dressed in parents hands

Pregnancy Photos Brisbane

We’ve had some absolutely beautiful Maternity portrait sessions in the last few weeks, and I’ve just loved photographing these beautiful women and their families.

Pregnancy is such an amazing, beautiful time, and for some, it’s also stressful, chaotic, tiring, and at times, debilitating. I think this is why it’s just so important to document this time, and celebrate it. Women are living for 80 or 90+ years, and yet, these 9 months of our lives, less than 1 year, growing a tiny and demanding human, just seems like forever, but it’s gone so fast. I know you don’t believe me, Mamma, sitting with your swollen feet up, begging for it to be over – but it will be, and then it’s over.

Take some time during this crazy few months, to really celebrate your impending baby, and marvel at just how amazing our bodies are. Before you know it, you’ll be holding your newborn in your arms, instead of your growing belly. The little kicks and rolls will be replaced with clenched fingers and leg rolls, and pregnancy as you knew it will be over – perhaps for a few years, perhaps forever.

{My story}

I remember my first pregnancy, feeling so amazing, so fit and healthy and excited for our little arrival….  and then one morning my baby arrived with gusto, without warning, with an empty suitcase still sitting on the ground (cause I had time back then, I thought….). He arrived quickly at 37 weeks exactly. I went to bed the night before with no inkling whatsoever. I went to bed, pregnant, and I woke up and had a baby 5 hours later. He was perfect. What a head-spinning moment! Pregnancy – so fleeting. I was pregnant yesterday, and I didn’t even have a moment to realise what was happening.

I remember my second pregnancy, and thinking that would probably be my last, cause that’s what you do, the majority of us – you get married, you wait a few years, you have 2 kids, and that’s it… right? I loved, loved, loved being pregnant – my body was made for pregnancy, I enjoyed it and fortunately I was the small minority that felt great most of the way through. I didn’t want it to end – but at the same time, I was chasing a toddler. I wanted it over, for sanity’s sake. We made it just past 37 weeks, and again, another quick (very, very quick), 1.5 hours later, and he arrived. Pregnancy – so fleeting.

I’ve had 3 pregnancies, 3 pregnancy photographic sessions, 3 babies, and 3 birth stories. My third is absolutely by far, the best. The most amazing. And I’m so, so very glad we documented it the whole way through. I’d put on weight, it was my 3rd child, my body had already stretched and shrank twice before, there was no hope now (!!) – but pregnancy again, was about to end, and I knew the finality of it, this was it, there’ll be absolutely no more pregnant tummies for me. I loved being pregnant, and I miss it – and this is why I just love helping other women have beautiful photographs, to look back on and love.

One day, your child will grow up and you can show them what was “Before” they arrived. Every stage of their life matters, and we will help you capture that. xx

{Thankyou, beautiful clients, for trusting me}

Outdoor Corporate Headshots

One thing I really love, aside from cuddling newborns of course, is helping small business owners market their identity, and update their corporate profiles! I love seeing refreshed websites full of our beautiful corporate headshot photographs, and I equally love the confidence on my client’s faces when they’re really, truly happy with their fresh photographs.

Our Corporate Headshots include 6 different photographs, both in High Resolution Digital Image for printing/marketing and use in flyers, etc, for your business. We also include Low Resolution images, sized separately for each of your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… if you’ve got the social media account, we’ll make sure we size each of your images to suit, so they’re perfect for you to use.

Here’s gorgeous Natalie, our client who was after some fresh, beautiful photographs to compliment her nutrition and health coaching business, Wellness Within Health Coaching. Thankyou Natalie! x

Ready to chat about updating your Corporate Headshots? Contact us now. 

Grandparents photos Brisbane

Sweet little Lachlan bought his lovely and adoring Grandparents to his session! It was so lovely to hang out with this beautiful extended family, and provide them with some photographs of their Grandson, before they flew back overseas.

I just couldn’t resist photographing Lachlan in his Grandad’s hands. The difference in these young men’s hands are amazing…. Steady, wrinkled hands that have taught, learnt, laboured, and loved…. and immaculate, little perfect hands that have yet to touch the grass, squish mud pies, and choose to hold the hand of a friend.

Thankyou Lachlan, you are just perfect. x